Video & Audio

Hypnosis for Auditions

Using hypnosis, you can learn how to surf the wave of adrenaline that you experience before auditions, allowing you to relax into the moment, as opposed to running from it.

Hypnosis for Learning Lines

Jessica breaks down her approach to learning lines more easily: It begins with your mind, and the obstacles you may be placing (unknowingly) in your own way.

Hypnosis for Reprogramming Your Mind

As every actor knows, your mind is not always your friend. This video shows you how to hijack those negative voices in your head and create positive self-talk.

Hypnosis for Creating a Character

Jessica shows how details of a character’s life can be accessed through the subconscious mind. She compares using hypnosis to the “fingers crossed” approach to creating a character’s backstory.

e-Book: Self-Hypnosis for Actors

This 120 page document covers all the information from the videos, and goes into greater depth on each topic.

Package Deal

Purchase all of the Self-Hypnosis video and audio files for $49.95. Includes: Hypnosis for Auditions, Hypnosis for Creating a Character, Hypnosis for Learning Lines, and Hypnosis for Re-Programming Your Mind.

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