Hypnosis for Auditions


Feeling a wave of adrenaline before an audition is normal, but many actors fear it, nurse it, or try to repress it—responses which only serve to increase the surge of adrenaline.  This can result in negative feelings about auditions, or in some cases, downright panic.

Because this process is happening on a subconscious level, it can feel impossible to change. In this video, Jessica explains how a hypnosis technique known as desensitization will train you to relax your body into the adrenaline, freeing you up and making the audition creative and fun.

View a brief sample of the video below:


File #1: Desensitization Practice: Jessica leads you into deep relaxation as you imagine the experience of auditioning for a role. By simply imagining waiting in the lobby of a casting office, your nervous system will go through its pre-audition feelings, and the hypnosis will help you to detach and re-learn new responses. This is a very powerful recording which will change your relationship to auditions forever.

File #2: Pre-Audition Hypnosis: This recording is to be used in the waiting room of an audition. It will help you to relax into your adrenaline, and fill with confidence, right before entering the casting room. An essential tool for any actor.

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