Hypnosis for Reprogramming Your Mind


As every actor knows, the mind is not always your friend. This video will show you how to hijack those negative voices in your head and create positive self-talk that actually gets in. Hypnosis goes much deeper than simple affirmations because it addresses the subconscious mind directly. By discussing the principles of Auto-Suggestion, Jessica shows you how to design, and record, self-hypnosis recordings that work. Every human needs this!!

View a short segment from the video below:

Audio File #1: Tools Recording

This recording contains everything you need to make a self-hypnosis recording: a hypnotic induction, hypnosis for deepening the trance, and then an “emerging” that counts you out of the trance. After learning how to craft effective suggestions for yourself (on the video), you will insert your own suggestions, making your own self-hypnosis recording.  All you need is a smart phone and a computer.  Make your first recording today!

Audio File #2: Self-Hypnosis for Loving Life

This track shows you how a typical self-hypnosis recording can sound. Use this recording to kick back, relax and re-program your feelings about yourself and your life. Enjoy!

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