Hypnosis for Creating a Character


Jessica demonstrates how to use a hypnotic trance to build a character’s history by  taking actor Andrew Walke into hypnosis to explore the role of Jamie Tyrone, from Eugene O’Neill’s A Long Day’s Journey into Night. By showing how to conduct a character interview, you will see how much of the character’s history, minute details, and emotions are available to you through hypnosis. Character work has never been so easy, fast or comfortable.

View a short segment from the video below:

Audio File: The Character Interview

This recording will take you into a deep hypnotic state, in which you are asked series of questions, as your character. By going back to the age of five, you will build the emotional and physical reality of your character, as he or she develops through time. Jessica asks about relationships, formative experiences, conflicts and feelings. This information will make for a real, lived, experience of being the character.

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