“Jessica gave me the tools to tap into my subconscious and free up my creativity. I was quickly able to add layers to a character I am playing that I otherwise would not have been able to discover.”


“A tremendously valuable tool in my acting career & personal life!”


audition“I feel as if I was meant to take this workshop, as I am filming tomorrow with NO rehearsal, and I feel as if I KNOW my character personally. I got this!”


“If anyone had asked me the one thing I can’t do, I would have answered ‘Relax.’ I can never say that now! Thank you.”


“I came in this morning out of focus and stressed. I leave the workshop focused and centered. Knowledge is power!”


“Jessica is precise and interesting, full of energy, and placed a great outlook on how hypnosis can affect our everyday lives.”


“It was the best thing I have ever done!! I can not express to you how much the hypnosis helped me really understand my character, make decisions from an authentic place and truly feel her situation and circumstances. I have never been so prepared for something in my life or felt better about a shoot.”